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Application Searches - Other Criteria

Use this screen to search for planning applications received from 1st January 2000 using any combination of the search options below. Related documents for applications from July 2009 can also be viewed via a link in the application details page.

The simplest way to search is by entering the application number. However, if you do not know the number, then you can carry out an advanced search by using the other options including the applicant's name, the application address, ward, proposal description (by using a 'key word'), date received, date decided or a combination of any of these criteria.

Please note that all planning application reference numbers include a prefix which shows which Planning and Building standards Area Office is dealing with the application.
For example:
 Cambuslang/Rutherglen - CR/08/0999
 Clydesdale - CL/08/0999
 East Kilbride - EK/08/0999
 Hamilton - HM/08/0999

All search fields are designed to carry out wildcard searches using the character '%', so only partial information need be entered. For example, if searching for planning application reference CL/08/0999, you could type the full reference into the Application Number search field, or just %0999%. The results page will display all matching results.

In order to narrow down your search results, enter as much information as possible, taking into account the following:

  • Where available, click the down arrow to the right of a field to open a selection list. Click the required choice.
  • Click the button next to one of the date search fields as appropriate. The Dates not Applicable button will be selected automatically if no date search is chosen.
  • Enter dates in the format DD-MM-YYYY (e.g.21-03-2008).
  • Postcodes should be entered with a space between the two sections (e.g. ML3 0AA).

  • Click Search. When the search is complete the results will be displayed on the screen.

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